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Like athletes who train their bodies to reach peak performance, creative innovators and business leaders must cultivate mental fitness to source independent thinking, intuition, and creative throughput.Mental fitness is the key to overcoming self-sabotage, navigating creative decisions, and maintaining the resilience needed to thrive in the ever-evolving world of technology and business.

Why Mental Fitness Matters

You are not ready for this moment in time. None of us are ready.Our lives run on flawed mental operating systems, and we are creating new artificial ones that we don't understand. Meanwhile you just want to be productive, feel rewarded, and relish small moments of joy.No matter how the future unfolds, you can easily learn to identify inner saboteurs and transform challenging thoughts and feelings into unexpected gifts.

What Creative Burst Coaching Offers

  • 1. Mental Fitness Bootcamp

The mental fitness program begins with 6 weeks of foundational work using the POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE® app to strengthen your mental muscle. The object of the game is to quickly shift internal negative responses to constructive ones. And address external negative reponses before damaging circumstances arise. This mental skill cultivates postive outcomes. You cannot miss these incredible results!This bootcamp was developed by Shirzad Chamin through rigorous research and testing. Your commitment to change is effortless. You will be delighted with your improved efficiency, well-being, and relationships.

  • 2. Innovative Self-discovery

The Creative Burst framework introduces creative work into the contemplative model of Positive Intelligence. Working in a small group online we focus deeply on improvisational drawing. We draw to experience the simultaneous connection between breath, expression, connection, and purpose. The healing powers of art meditation are beyond your current scales of measure. You are bound to new measures of self-knowledge, love, and connection. Self actualization is within your aim.

  • 3. Sustained Mental Fitness

Our community is creative, inspired, and incredibly sober minded about how ill-logical we humans are. And we are complete in our amazement by the giver of life who works from within and through us. We are believers in our creative powers, and stretch ourselves to be open to the surprises that ensue.

Your journey starts here

Embrace the power of mental fitness with Creative Burst Coaching. End the internal brutality. Witness the transformation in your creative well-being. It's time to build the mental muscle that will propel your world to new heights. You can either live stressfully driven by your saboteurs or you can chose to shift, and live joyfully in self-mastery.Ready to embark on this empowering journey? Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our coaches today and let's unleash your full creative potential. Your masterpiece awaits.


Josh Race is a professional artist and mental fitness coach. He has been working in the creative and wellness industries for 30 years and has extensive experience guiding clients into empowered ways of being. He also has experience as a product leader at for large scale advertising technology companies. He is a on a mission to ensure we build the mental infrastructure with technology that serves human kind.Josh has been trained both as a Brain Based Coach by the Neuroleadership Institute, and a Positive Intelligence Coach by Positive Intelligence, LLC.

Creative Burst Coaching is an independent company and Josh is not an employee of either Neuroleadership Institute or Positive Intelligence.

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